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Our Family has been drinking ACV from a long time. We use to make it like old ways in our home. ACV has helped keep my family healthy and safe from many diseases. It has helped build up better immunity and a good lifestyle.

This pandemic showed us the importance of good Nutrition and a healthy immune system and vinegar for ages has prove to be good at both. We can up with an idea of helping people by providing them with a good quality vinegar that is free from any kind of adulteration. Vinegar market is growing and so is adulteration long with. Here at OrganoDesi, our mission is to provide only quality products to people.

Freshly Picked from farms of Himachal, our apple are crushed and juicing is done in house. Then we subject the juice to Natural Fermentation which takes around 1 month to complete. All these process are allowed to take place naturally, thus bringing back the authenticity of product from ancient times.

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Made with passion by 300+ curators across the country.

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Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.

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Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.

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Made with passion by 300+ curators across the country.

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Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.


Chemical free consumption IN and ON your body.

hello mates, I have been consuming ACV for last 5 years , and it has given been wonderful results. The only problem I faced was its sour taste as I have a sensitive throat. But when I was sent sample of OrganoDesi ACV to examine , I was so amazed by its taste. It contains all the acidity of ACV but with no pinch on my Throat so Would give 10/10 marks to OrganoDesi’s ACV and I would recommend it to all of you.
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I was not very big fan of ACV, But I tried OrganoDesi ACV on recommendation by my friend and to my surprise it had great affect on my digestion in 2-3 days. I had improved digestion and great bowl moments after consuming ACV.
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